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Interesting facts from the history of Japanese anime

History of Japanese anime

Today, Japanese anime is very popular. And all because it is designed not to children, and teenagers and young audience that likes its richness, relevance and ability to talk about serious accessible and understandable language. So how did the idea of ??creating an animated movie, which began with the history of Japanese anime?

Founder described the genre became Osamu Tezuka, it occurred to him, had the idea to use the western animation techniques to create colorful traditional Japanese paintings. The basis was taken "manga" - stories of national engravings. In Japanese, the word meant "grotesque" - "weird funny pictures." Since the early twentieth century there were the first short film in which all the characters have a disproportionately large eyes, they helped the animators to convey the whole range of emotions and feelings.

Their appearance has been likened to the events that can form the basis of the Cultural Revolution. Over the years, the work becomes more complex, bulkier and whole, becoming a full-fledged feature film. Probably, it has helped the film "Ghost in the Shell 1" directed by Mamoru Oshii in 1995 to conquer the global audience, which is very well-liked recognizable mix of traditional animation and computer graphics. Japanese anime has made a major breakthrough over the last ten years. All times are improved technologies being developed three-dimensional animation techniques to create spectacular images. Japanese animation has long become a part of national culture, which, as the conveyor belt, in the best sense of the word, are stored in the collections zagashnikah bright, emotional, funny and serious stories, grass-maturing generation that loves movies online. They have a lot of that is not in full-length feature films: the specific three-dimensional image of the world, the search for appropriate solutions, understandable and affordable for those for those who are just entering adulthood.

When the animation was created for the domestic market, it was called '' manga eiga ", which translates as" movie-comics ", but with access to the world stage all Japanese manga became known as laconic, international, all clear," the animation "or Japanese anime. Today these children's cartoons online watch both adults and children. Every year in the light output, and feature-length films, and many hours of TV series that looks at one go. This once again proves that the genre that came to taste everything without exception.

The most award-winning film director in the world of Japanese anime - Hayao Miyazaki. Only he was able to get the coveted statuette "Oscar". He was also awarded the "Golden Lion" of the Venice Film Festival, as critics appreciated his contribution to world cinema. It is noteworthy that Japan holds the record for the duration of the show animated series. The first series of "Sadzae-san" began to emerge in 1969, he is going to this day.