Sengoku Basara TV

Sengoku Basara TV

In Japan during the Sengoku period, there were many provinces, with a certain independence and some rights. The feudal lords (daimyo), owning such land, wanted to get as much territory and labor. And, as a rule, it ended in bloody wars.

One of the most powerful and influential daimyo is considered to be a man by the name of Oda Nobunaga. He is the master of Owari, and close to that, to seize power in all of Japan. However, the ambitious warlord Date Masamune, the head of a huge army,going to stop Ode and do everything possible to his plans were not realized ...

Sengoka Dziday "an era of warring lands" - one of the most popular periods of the Japanese history, his heroes is known by each local school student. Dashing horseman Date Masamune, faithful and honest Sanada Yukimura, great ninjia Saske Sarutobi, indestructible prince Takeda, his eternal opponent Uesugi, demonic Oda Nobunaga … Their life and acts glorified in tens of works, including on the big and small screen. But never the plot was twisted as cheerfully, as in this game screen version!

Postmodernism here language of the modern art. As a result of Masamune and his knights turn into a gang of bikers, Yukimura is more similar to a pop star, the prince Takeda to his producer, and Uesugi to the politically correct representative e-e, minorities. In addition heroes constantly crack jokes in the spirit of kansaysky comic school, generously diluting them with "the Japanese English". The smart graphics, impressive battle scenes and an incendiary music line will fully help to feel taste of the offered "samurai roast"!

  • 01. The Destined Meeting of Azure and Crimson.
  • 02. How to trade Binary options with
  • 03. Dreadful! Encounter at Okehazama.
  • 04. The Vagabond Maeda Keiji!.
  • 05. Invoking the Loyalty of the Swaying Red Flower.
  • 06. Heroic! Nagashino. The Crusade of Shitaragahara.
  • 07. Torn Bonds - Masamune`s Disgraceful Retreat.
  • 08. Ringleader of the Pillagers! Souryuu Moonlight Duel
  • 09. Blood Wind Temple! Koujuurou`s Desperate Situation
  • 10. The Brave Tiger, Dying in Midaigawa!
  • 11. Yukimura being beyond recovery!? Date`s army tears dissolution!!
  • 12. Mitsuhide`s betrayal! Honnouji in flames!!
  • 13. Azuchijou`s Castle Tower Death battle that constructed tomorrow
  • 14. Inland Sea Clash! Spitting Fire at the Great Fort of the Sea - Mt. Fuji!!